Yes, we have bananas

I decided to write this post in English, because I would like to pracctice my English skills share it with my colleagues that live abroad. There it goes:

Last Sunday I was resting and enjoying my guilty pleasure – which is seeing celebrities’ Instagram accounts – and they were all talking about the same thing: apparently Daniel Alves, a brazilian football player, who plays on Barcelona, was playing and someone throw a banana in the field. And what did he do? He ate de banana and kept doing his job.

daniel alves banana


Oh, and by the way, he is black

Unfortunatelly, it is not the first – or the last – time those kind of things happen. But the thing goes a little bit beyond here: like I was saying, all the celebrities were posting photos with a banana, with the hashtag #weareallmonkeys, (in Portuguese: #somostodosmacacos). It started with Neymar, another football player, also from Barcelona:

neymar somos todos macacos

He posted this picture, where he is posing with his son and banana toy

(OBSERVATION POINT: I am one of those boring people that are always questioning everything – that’s why I became a journalist. So I started questionning myself why this kid has a banana toy. Because it is… a banana, right? He could have any toy in the world, but he had a banana one, which was coincidentialy in his father’s place – he lives with his mother, in Brazil and, as far as I know, his father was in Spain)

Brazilians were touched. Everybody started doing their own photos with bananas. And there was bananas everywere.

celebrities banana

A TV host (who, by the way, is a HUGE businessperson) started selling a t-shirt about it and then and a video (in Portuguese and English, as you can see here) came up.

Then it was all clear: it was all a marketing campaing. I don’t know from where it started, if the banana in the stadium was already part of it, but it just show us how manipulated we can be: put some celebrities and we will  believe it – and this is my journalist side talking.

On the other hand, my marketer side tells me: how far can we go and how far is enough? How much can we use a cause to earn more money and look like good people? Celebrities do it all the time, Angelina Jolie did it, Ashton Kutcher did it, even Madonna did it (and so Lady Gaga).

I don’t have the answers to those questions, but yet, I know it’s not ok. Racism is a terrible thing. Unfortunatelly, pretty common all around the world. It is not okay to “market” it and  treat it like a natural thing. It’s not about t-shirts and tv shows. It is the awfull truth and, if we want to do something about it, do it. But don’t insult other people inteligence.

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